Ladies, if you’re not already lifting… Start. Now.

by Coach KatieIMG_0914

“….so what do you do for a workout?”

Whether I'm working with a client, enjoying a beer with friends after work, or standing in line to get coffee this question always seems to come up. No, I do not run. No, I do not do CrossFit. No, I do not use machines. So what do I do for a workout? I lift weights! Ladies, if you're not already lifting... Start. Now.

When it comes to weight training, I like to follow some sort of a program. As a professional in the fitness industry, I spend most of my time writing programs and helping others reach their goals, and I forget to do the same for myself. However, there is much more structure to my program compared to someone who hops on the elliptical for 30 minutes. No offense to those who enjoy a long run on the treadmill while staring at themselves in the mirror, but cardio is just not my thing and it doesn't have to be YOUR thing to succeed. 

Here are 5 exercises that are necessary for my training program. Keep in mind, there are a lot of other supplementary exercises and movement patterns that I add to my workout routine, but this blog isn’t about my mobility work and rehab. I will save that rant for another day.

1. Deadlift:

Surprise, you don’t need a barbell! Grab a kettle bell or a trap bar to start out. The trap bar deadlift is one of the best ways to increase strength without putting the stress on the lower back. The deadlift recruits multiple muscle groups, which means it burns more calories!

2. Bench Press:

The bench press is a great way to add some variety into your program. You can bench with a bar, you can bench on an incline or you can grab a dumbbell and use one arm. My favorite is the single arm dumbbell bench press. It forces you to engage the core and helps improve shoulder stability.

3. Front Squat:

The front squat is like a best friend…It is not afraid to point out your flaws but will be the first one to praise your success. This exercise really tests your mobility and flexibility in the shoulders, hips and ankles and forces you to focus on the whole body.  Start with a dumbbell or kettlebell or even body weight before using the bar.  Holding the weight in a goblet position is a great way to teach the body proper movement mechanics while working on strength.

4. Single Arm Overhead Press:

I would like to take a moment and thank this exercise for teaching me that crunches are a waste of time. The single arm shoulder press is the perfect exercise to work on shoulder stability, strength and controlling the core. Add this exercise in after some front squats an you have yourself a total body workout.

5. Pull Up:

Pull Ups, another exercise that has changed my life. Do not be scared of them and use them as motivation. Let them fuel the fitness fire, because one you do one you will never want to stop. Keep this in mind… Just because you cannot do them now, doesn’t mean you will not be able to do them in the future. Start with some negatives or use a band and make the proper progressions towards a pull up. Neutral grip, chin up or wide grip… I don’t care and neither will you when you are looking down at all the others (literally) admiring your strength!

Now you know what I do for a workout and how you can incorporate these workouts into your own routine. Don’t be afraid to add some resistance training into your life, it will not let you down. You will not get bulky, you will not look like a man and you probably will start to enjoy your workouts.  Take a step off of the treadmill (safely), get yourself a LIVFIT trainer and spend some quality time with some weights. I can promise you that you will not regret it!

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