LIVFIT This Holiday Season – Here’s how to start

Ring in the Holiday Season Without Dinging your Healthy Habits

by Coach Katieholiday-weight

Happy November everyone and welcome to the beginning of the holiday season. As we all know the holidays are filled with drinking, eating and traveling…the three things that can be the most detrimental to our fitness.  Instead of letting the holidays get the best of you, lets be proactive. LIVFIT this holiday season. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the festivities without overindulging.


It's the holiday season, so don’t restrict yourself from the foods that you love, enjoy them. Instead of scarfing down your plate as fast as you can, take your time eating and savor every bite. Some of the best foods are served during the holidays and if we eat too fast we'll barely taste the goodness of a home cooked meal. So…slow it down, and take the time to truly enjoy your food. When we slow down our eating we not only get to taste the festive flavors, but we give the body enough time to recognize when it's full.


holiday-drinkI don’t know about you, but my family parties involve alcohol, whether it's a holiday or not. I know
this may come as a surprisee to most of you, but alcohol is not usually what makes or breaks our healthy lifestyle. Yes, it has sugar. No, it's not healthy to drink massive amounts. Think about it the next time you drink eggnog. It's not the bourbon that makes it so delicious, it is the cream and processed sugars. Before you mix your holiday drink, think about the mixer that you are adding to it. Are you adding a fruit juice concentrate that contains no fruit whatsoever? Are you adding cream or eggnog that is comprised of saturated fats? DON'T GET ME WRONG if you love eggnog or fruity drinks have one, but keep it at only one… and make it a smaller size than usual.


Traveling is amazing, but it messes with the body and messes with our routine. Lets be real, we have a hard time fitting a workout into our normal schedule, so adding some travel plans makes it that much harder to be consistent. However, there is always time to do something active and being consistent is the only way you'll continue to see results. After you get off the plane, train or jump out of the car take some time to stretch. You don’t have to make it complicated, but try to hit every major muscle group.

Lower Body:

  • Hamstrings (back of legs) – reach to your toes.
  • Quads (front of legs) – bend your knee and kick your foot to your butt. Use your hand to grab your ankle and give it a pull. 

Upper Body:

  • Reach your hands up overhead as high as you can. Don’t be afraid to swing them around a little bit. Just make sure you aren’t close to anyone.
  • Bring your arms to your side, then grab your hands together behind your back right above or below your butt (depending on how long your arms are). Stick the chest out and push your hands behind you.

These stretches are simple, quick and can be done anywhere. In addition to the stretches go for a walk after dinner or any moment that you have the time. Walking after a big meal can help speed up the metabolism and can aid in digestion. It also gives you some alone time, unless you go for a walk with a family member and it can be a great time to chat while escaping bigger crowds.

If you are truly devoted to a healthy lifestyle try to add an in home workout. There are plenty of body weight exercises you can do that will elevate the heart rate and work the muscles. We love to post simple in-home/on-the-road circuits on our Facebook page, be sure you're following at LIVFIT! Something is better than nothing and the more consistent you are the more likely you will continue your fitness routine when you return from your holiday visit.


Don’t be miserable throughout the holiday season! With a little physical activity and portion control you can still eat the foods that you love and drink the beverage that makes you happy without throwing away all of your healthy habits. BUT, the plan is to get ahead of the holidays. Don't let the season block your progress. Create a plan. Stick to a program. Be consistent. But NEVER FORGET to keep it fun!

Coach Katie is a certified personal trainer located in the DC Metro area. She is currently accepting clients on a limited basis, but also offers online coaching to her dedicated clients nationwide. You can reach her by email at OR check out more information on Private 1 on 1 Coaching and Online Coaching on our LIVFIT website. LIVFIT!