4 Things you can do TODAY for Insta-Fitness


We live in an instant gratification present day gotta have it now world. Communication, news, photos, what your friends are up to, the perfect outfit, the perfect meal… the perfect life. But, not everything works that way. In fact, the best things are those that take time… and patience. The need for a quick fix and the health/fitness world clash wildly at one another. Fitness takes time. It takes consistency. Finding new muscles popping takes work, effort and patience.

But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some things we can’t do RIGHT NOW to hurdle us forward in the fight for fit. Make a few tweaks, additions, adjustments and implement them today to kickstart your fitness routine.


Good habits build healthy people, reach awesome fitness goals. You can’t be sporadic with your focus on fitness. It’s something you work on everyday in some way, over time (see opening to this article). Instead of flailing about with your ‘habits’, create some routine. Not only will this help you actually carry out said healthy habits, BUT it will help your overall pysche towards fitness AND life.

Start be creating a nightly ritual. Set the tone before you go to bed, so all you have to do is carry it out when the alarm goes off. How?

  • Prepare breakfast foods early in the week that you can just grab and heat in the morning
  • Pack your healthy lunch while you’re cooking dinner, also ready to grab in the morning
  • Put out your workout clothes near the bathroom. If you workout early, throw them on and go. If you workout late, put them in a bag with your shoes so they’re ready to snag on your way out the door in the morning
  • Make sure the little things are where they belong; keys on the hook, shoes by the door, work clothes selected, kids things sorted… so all you have to do is GRAB and GO

Make this a nightly routine. The first few times it may take a few minutes, but after just a week or so it will become a habit that you think nothing about. SET THE TONE for your day, either the night before or in the morning. Get each day off on the right foot because YOU decided so.


As you just read; planning ahead, prepping and carrying it out consistently is a must. TODAY, you can start planning out how to eat all the awesome healthy things, create a grocery list, jot them down on a calendar and simply DO.

We created the 10 Day Recipe Kickstart for this very reason. You’re busy, you’re all over the place and it’s holding you back. But, take action today. Take a few minutes right NOW to plan. Here are some helpful tips from the guide:

  1. On a calendar, referencing your schedule that week, create you meal plan. Start with dinners; what’s east, delicious and can be used for leftovers the next day for breakfast or lunch.
  2. Round out lunches; what days will you use leftovers (making extra at dinner time), what days will you pack lunch and what days require you to grab on the go? Write a plan ahead of time.
  3. Breakfast doesn’t have to be a pain in the glutes. Make a batch of frittatas (mini or sheet), create breakfast burritos you can freeze/fridge and try overnight oats (ALL recipes in the GUIDE above). Keep it simple!
  4. Now, all you have to do is find a bit of time on the weekend (or an off day) to put some of these together. Cook the breakfast items. Chop veggies. Marinate meat. Etc.

Break out the calendar (or use the one we provide in the guide) and get to work TODAY!


If you’re ONLY doing cardio, you’re going to get just about as far as your pet hamster in its’ wheel with your overall fitness, muscle tone and overall health. Strength training in any form increases; health, sleep, strength, flexibility and muscle tone. It also helps with posture, overall body composition and even your overall state of mind. All while decreasing body fat AND the possibility of injury (in all areas of your life).

Simply said, if your goal(s) involve losing body fat, gaining lean muscle and improving your life… you’ve GOT to incorporate a strength training program in your fitness routine (Coach Katie touched on this in her blog, ‘If you’re not already lifting, start now’. To be honest, it doesn’t even have to be perfect to get started (hint: there’s an easy gym circuit in her blog to get you going). If that’s not the right program for you; find something simple online and have a personal trainer check it out, consult a personal trainer directly and even have them design one specifically for you. Either way; you MUST include lifting things up and putting them back down into your program. For your body, for your fitness and most importantly for your life.

4. GRAB the H2O’s

Did you know that the human body is comprised 60% of water? Not only that, it composes 75% of muscle tissue. WOAH. You need water to live. To move. You need water to thrive.

All functions of the body are directly affected by the amount of water we drink. The functions include digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature. Let dehydration set in and each of these important functions take a hit. Not only will you experience lower energy levels; but you can become more weak, feel deeper fatigue and even dizzy. This is a recipe for disaster for a great workout, and also how you feel throughout the day. You may not even realize the damage lack of water can do to your body, especially if you’ve never been much of a ‘water drinker’.

If you’re unsure as to whether you’re dehydrated or not, check your urine. Ideally, your urine should be ‘straw colored’; pale yellow and plentiful. The darker the urine, the more dehydrated you are. You can easily start this very moment on getting in more of the H2O good stuff. Grab water. Drink it. Repeat.


No, you don’t need to turn your headphones down (although some doctors would tell you to). The NOISE we’re talking about is the avalanche of ‘information’ you receive on a daily basis that has to do with health, fitness, weight lifting, cardio, diet this, thigh gap that, cleanse here, drop there… AGHHH! Enough! The BIG secret to success with your health, fitness and physique is mainly… consistency. There are no magic potions. There are no super pills. There is no one thing that will drop 10 lbs in 2 days. These are simply trigger messages to STAY AWAY.

Focus on you. Focus on simple. Focus on what we learned today. Repeat.

No, there are no quick fixes towards reaching healthy and sustainable fitness goals. If your favorite magazine, late night TV spot or favorite Instagram star are telling you otherwise… you’ve got a long road ahead of you.

Make the choice, right now, to make a change. Change you can knock out TODAY.

I’m Coach A, owner of LIVFIT and love helping folks learn all the awesome healthy things to reach their fitness goals. Want to learn more? Check us out here —> LIVFIT OR email me directly anytime, my virtual door is always open —> amelia@livingfitly.com