by Coach Amelia

We’re in the THICK of it; THE holiday season. Okay, this can go one of two ways. We can hit all the parties, eat all the food, drink all the drinks and wake up January 1st feeling like a bloated, beached,
I’ll never hit my goals’ loaf…


We can get AHEAD of the madness. Listen, the holidays are awesome; whatever holiday (or not) that you may celebrate. It’s a time for family, friends, fur babies, snowflakes, shopping, snacking, sipping and more. You CAN do all of those things (I especially recommend chasing snowflakes), AND feel awesome January 1st. Wouldn’t you like to actually feel GOOD about yourself when 2017 hits, than be chasing some ‘resolution’?

belly-body-calories-diet-42069RESOLVE to step towards awesome – NOW.

‘Tis the season to look it in the face, enjoy it thoroughly and get STOKED for 2017. Check out our FIVE Golden Strategies for Staying Fit (or continue working towards your fit) this December.


Set your sights on the future, by creating a plan for success now. Get involved with a group challenge, take on a challenge of your own or Google your holiday delight for staying in shape. The first step towards your fitness success is starting with a plan. A challenge builds in the plan automatically and you can put yourself, and your body, on autopilot. Get up, get to it, cross off the day and head towards the end of the challenge (and STRONGLY through the holiday season).

We built the Dashing through December Challenge for this very reason! Every day of the month is set up for building strength, torching fat and keeping you right on target through the holiday season. Check it out!



Just like setting your sights on a challenge to keep you on track this month, setting a goal will also keep your eye on the prize. The workouts, nutrition, choices and days go much more smoothly when you have a real life goal attached to them. Jot down TWO goals for the month.

How do you want to feel January 1st?

How would you like to feel about your body?

How would you like to feel about your life?

Write it down. Take a photo of yourself now. Try on your favorite shirt. Use these as measurements for your goal(s). Use our LIVFIT Goal Setting guide to get you started, NOW.


Okay, so we know it’s highly likely that you’ll consume a bit more calorically through the holiday season. More events, more dinners, more parties, more sugar (eek!), more goodies, more warm/comfy/delicious dishes… yeah, we get it. We’re feelin’ it too. So, what’s a easy way to fight back against the surplus? Rock it out in the gym, on the roads or wherever else you can get your workout on.

  1. Add intervals to your workout session. Include short bursts of higher intensity activity (burpees, sprints, box jumps, runs, etc.). This will help increase your heart rate, and get the body burning during AND after your session.
  2. Go harder, for shorter sessions. Remember, we said to move more EFFICIENTLY. Up the ante in the gym by increasing the intensity of your workout. Spending an extra 20 minutes walking on the treadmill is fine and all, but… ew. No need! Train hard. Keep things intense.
  3. Keep it moving throughout the day, get off your butt! Set an alarm to stand, walk, move. Take the stairs when you’re out and about holiday shopping, park as far as you can from the store entrance, or step up the pace when walking up hills. Anything to move move move with the time you DO have this busy season.


Wait, what? MORE TV? Yes. We know you’re streaming your favorite holiday shows and movies, but guess what else the magic of the interwebs can do for us? STREAM workouts! Check your favorite streaming services for Yoga, Circuit Training, Pilates and more. We KNOW you’ve planned to get outside; through bundled snow shoveling, track running, holiday shop trekking. But, we also know it’s getting cold. Don’t let your workouts disapear! Turn on the tube, turn on a workout and get in that session!


Yes, you do reserve a reward for you hard work! BUT, let’s make it ‘non-food’ oriented. Sure, many people choose a big ol’ hunk of cheesecake after smashing their weekly goals. But, we can do much better. As you knock out each day of your plan this month, keep track of your progress. If you hit your goals for workouts per week, sticking to your nutrition, sliding on your favorite dress with ease… treat yourself to something for YOU. Try a few hours at the spa, a new (more fitting) workout tank, a new pair of training shoes… these are all awesome rewards, without the guilt/attachment to food.

Need a program to get you set up through the holidays and beyond? Let me know! Email me at OR check us out —–> Online Fitness Coaching

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