We're each awesomely unique humans and we've got training solutions built just for you; fat loss, muscle gain, workout smashing, body fixing, quality of life amping information and support for EVERYONE.


A healthy body is built in the kitchen. We'll help you find the right nutrition blocks to support your lifestyle. It's not about quick fixes here. It's about real, sustainable healthy eating practices. That are delicious. Because life should be delicious.


Because your hard work and healthy eating are for a reason; to knock life out of the park. We love life. We want to spread it. We'll deliver all the fun stuff too; mindfulness, travel, community involvement, best dishes and all of our other favorite ways to squeeze the awesome out of life.



LIVFIT is about squeezing the best out of life; through healthy eats, goal smashing workouts, seizing opportunities for movement, and true full on life living.

Our team of awesome coaches thrive on spreading the health to our private-in-person clients, online clients and all of those within reach of the magic of the interweb. There's an abundance of health and fitness information out there and most of it is confusing and ridiculous. Not here. We want to set the record straight and get you headed towards your BEST you. We've been there; we've worked our tails off to find our fit, waded through the complexities of nutrition and love sharing it with the folks we get to help improve each and everyday. We're educated, experienced, have been through what you're going through and are STOKED to spread the health.

Let's get started now.  Join the community, learn the simple steps to awesome and find YOUR FIT! LIVFIT with us!


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