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Amelia Blind, MS, OTC, NASM-CPT, CES, FNS

Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Awesome Life Liver


My favorite success stories are those that maximize quality of life. From dropping body fat, to fitting into that favorite shirt, prepping for an event, keeping up with your kids, moving pain free or simply get moving, I'm here to set you in motion towards your BEST you. My greatest pleasure is to fix the aches/pains that slow you down, then help you smash your goals. 

My greatest passion is to spread the health; through consistent nutrition, uniquely tailored training programs, opportunities for movement and awesome life building. After a successful college and semi-pro athletic career, I struggled with adapting to reality. I gained weight, I became unmotivated and it was a challenge to find my fit. I decided to seize my diem, created a plan and worked myself to a successful physique competition. I have been where are you and I can't wait to take you to where you want to be.

Let me spread the health to you, let's LIVFIT today! I'm currently accepting clients! I'm always around, find me at!

Trainer Tidbit, Outdoor Fitness: I used to be a total gym rat and still love time well spent hitting the weights, cables and all the other toys we get to play with. Now, my favorite way to stay active is to hit the trail, crank out a bodyweight park workout or use my new surrounding hills for some killer interval sessions.

What my clients are saying

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Ellen Virginia

Amelia and I have been working together for over 3 years. Prior to our work, I had two spinal fusions and as a result my muscles would frequently tighten up and cause cramping and/ or cause pressure on nerves.  In addition, my balance was poor, falling at times. I now have not fallen during the past two years and the strengthening and stretching exercises have kept me pain free.  She knows how to adjust my exercise program to meet my individual needs and at the same time approaches everything with a wonderful sense of humor. I highly recommend Amelia for anyone needing a personalized exercise program which she adjusts as progress is made and/or new needs arise.

Tiffany Maryland

As a wife, mother of two small children, and a small business owner, let’s just say that my own health and wellness often takes a backseat to seemingly more pressing matters.  That said, for the past couple of years, Allyn (Amelia) and her team have been key to my being better equipped to make good nutrition and exercise choices within the reality in which I live.  Their constant support and encouragement – in the right doses at the right time – have made the challenge of actually “living fitly” one that I’m proud to be making ground on.

Peggy Ohio

I'm a 60 year old woman, who has been insulin dependent for the past 47 years and someone who has never really taken good care of her body. I wanted to improve my general fitness and strength and to lose the excess weight I have carried for the past 10 years. When working out with Allyn (Amelia), I was in the best physical and mental shape since my 20s. My core strength improved and I no longer suffered from my old “aches and pains". After she moved onto a new city, I was never able to find another personal trainer who met those high expectations set by Allyn. As a result, I have somewhat stalled in my healthy journey. I am so excited to be a part of the LivFit Community and work with her again, even if it is from a distance. If you are ready to achieve your fitness goals, I can think of no one better than Allyn Blind to assist you and motivate you in reaching those goals.

Katie Collard, MS, NSCA-CPT, CSCS

Washington DC - Certified Personal Trainer

My goal is YOUR goal, and that is to help you move more efficiently so you can excel in the activities you love to enjoy. From amateur athletes to weekend warriors, 9 to 5ers and recent retirees, I have a solution for you to grab your best life. After completing my undergraduate degree, I migrated down the east coast from a small town in Southern Maine to our Nation’s Capital where I completed my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science. In the six years I've been working as a personal trainer and strength coach, I've established a well-rounded education and experience in various systems across the industry. Throughout my education and training experience, I've developed a strong passion for helping others improve their overall quality of life. As your coach, your trainer and your mentor I want to share my knowledge to help you become your best version of yourself.

I'm excited to help you LIVFIT! Let's get you going towards the life you want to live. I'm taking on clients in the Washington DC area and online. Email me today at!

Trainer Tidbit, Outdoor Fitness: As much as I love hitting in the gym, I always get outside to stay active and have fun with my fitness. In the winter you can find me snowboarding my favorite mountains, but once the warm weather hits I'll be on the soccer field. 

What my clients are saying

Monica Washington DC
Since I started training with Katie, I have lost nearly 70 pounds and have seen a noticeable increase in strength and my overall energy levels. Katie is skilled in tailoring exercises specific to my needs, isn't afraid to push me to try something new. Working with Katie has boosted my self-confidence in the gym and has given me the tools to continue to progress in the workouts I do on my own. 
Charles Washington DC

The greatest benefit was access to Katie’s tremendous knowledge and understanding. I would recommend others to train with Katie because she listens to her clients’ fitness goals, devises a program to meet those goals and shares her insight about how to enhance their overall fitness.  She always leaves you with something you can do on your own that will keep you moving even when you don’t feel like exercising. 

Eliza Virginia
Katie has been fantastic. She very early on identified my goals and my exercise style. She created training routines that were the perfect balance of elements I felt confident in, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and I could incorporate into my solo workouts. I always feel in good hands with Katie, which is so important. You aren't dreading your workout as an obligation, but instead looking forward to it as time you get to spend with a friend. 

Nattie Marston, NASM-CPT, CES

Washington DC - Certified Personal Trainer

My goal is to get you fit, happy, healthy and functional for the long run! Beyond reaching goals, my clients discover positive changes in their lives they never expected. Physical activity has always been an essential part of my life. I integrate my background in personal training & corrective exercise, athletics, nutrition, as well as yoga and holistic wellness into my practice. It allows me to take unique and specific approaches to creating programs for each individual client, addressing specific needs and goals, making the experience so much more effective and fulfilling. I'm excited to spread my enthusiasm and passion for making a difference to every training session, and to you!

Interested in how I can help you LIVFIT? Lovely. Let's chat! Email me today! Find me at

Trainer Tidbit, Outdoor Fitness: I always prefer getting outside for my workouts, especially when I have time between clients. I'm always up for a hike and love to find a park to get in my training.

What my clients are saying

Angela Maryland

Working out with Nattie has been such a joy and blessing. Nattie always makes our workouts fun and challenging. After just one year, I was in much better shape and now after four years I feel better than ever! At 55, I can enjoy long hikes without getting exhausted! Nattie has helped me achieve my goals, including becoming a C&O Canal Billy Goat Trail Steward. Her customized training program is effective and fun!  She is truly an amazing, skilled trainer, who cares about her clients. Thanks to Nattie, I am a very active, happy retiree.

Bernadette Massachusetts

After years of dieting it finally clicked when I met Natalie. With Natalie’s guidance and motivation towards sensible eating habits, exercise and a little determination on my part, I lost 30lbs! Working with Natalie made exercising fun. I didn’t think that was possible. My primary care physician was amazed at my results.  Natalie gave me the tools and the knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle. No more fad diets!  I will always be grateful to Natalie for helping me become a healthier, stronger person physically and mentally.

Amaya Maryland

I'd struggled for over 16 years with hip and related knee pain. I'd seen doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, massage therapists, and took yoga classes for many years. I never received an accurate assessment of what was going on with my leg because the pain has never subsided permanently; until I started working with Nattie! Very quickly she was able to see where my alignment was off and how and what muscles/tendons/fascia I needed to stretch and strengthen in order to improve. Everything makes sense to me as to why I have been struggling so much. Her knowledge and skills, with close 1 on 1 attention has made a huge difference in my world.