Online Coaching to reach you where YOU are, RIGHT NOW and take you where you're meant to be.

For less than the cost of hiring on a trainer at a big box gym (plus that monthly membership that keeps disappearing from your bank account), you can become an online coaching client. 

How does that work?

After a full movement assessment (which will help us pinpoint what your needs, goals, and desires may be), we'll then set out to drive you to achieve those goals, while meeting the needs of your lifestyle, and making your dreams come true. Well, if your dreams include feeling awesome, digging the way your clothes fit and overflowing energy to conquer your day (we haven't yet figured out how to tackle flying, genie wishes or owning an island). 

Everyday, you make choices that take you either one step further OR one step closer towards your goals. Wishing, thinking, wanting, hoping... that's all in the past. Let's step towards the future; your best, most awesome you. 


IMG_0104Every workout is YOUR workout. We build it based on your needs, goals and dreams. Every client receives their own, unique training program.

Every meal is YOUR meal. We dive into nutrition counseling based on your schedule, your likes/dislikes and your lifestyle. We do not churn out one meal plan for all. Success doesn't work that way.

Every day is YOUR day. You still live your life. No extremes. No over the top regimine. It makes absolutely no sense to isolate yourself from life. You still hit the happy hour, you still grab a bite with friends, you still enjoy holidays and any other happy life living instance. It's all still yours with our programming. 

Each month, you’ll be given a training program based on our assessment, last month's progress and adjust to your life. Your nutrition approach will change depending on where you are in relation to your goals. With phone, email and text support, I’ll be able to make the necessary adjustments and keep your eye on the prize ahead.

That's it. I coach you, with small steps and your own programming to find YOUR fit. You deserve to feel AWESOME. I'm stoked to get you there.


Custom training program design
Nutrition counseling
Bi weekly phone support
Weekly email support
Free training app included



Custom training program design
Custom nutrition counseling
Weekly phone support
Daily email support
Movement/postural assessment
Access to members only LIVFIT Facebook group
Free training app included



Custom training program design
Custom nutrition design
Custom mobility design
Weekly phone support
Daily email support
Daily text support
Movement/postural assessments
Access to members only LIVFIT Facebook group
Free training app included
Free Skulpt body fat analysis tool/system included



Have you decided that you're tired of where you are, that you're ready to make serious change and finally feel awesome? If you answered yes, then you are ready to LIVFIT.
We all need coaches for various parts of our lives. It's how we get ahead, get an edge and break through stagnation. Heck, I have coaches who hold me accountable as well. If you're ready to break free from feeling average and stuck, then yes, an online coach is a great choice for you.
You'll get a welcome pack that lays out the details of what's to come. We'll then schedule a phone consultation to talk about your goals and how to get there. When we're set to rock n' roll, you'll receive access to your own, free app that will deliver your program EVERY week.
No, we don't follow a diet or create a food to food meal plan. We'll work to build healthy habits that you can sustain the rest of your life, far beyond our time together. Our system is based on a flexible eating approach; this allows you to make better decisions while enjoying life AND reaching your goals.
Absolutely not. I won't sell you any, because you don't need them. We're building a healthy foundation with REAL food, according to your schedule and your life. Supplements not needed.
No, you don't need a gym membership. You also won't necessarily need any equipment. Your training program will be built, by us, specifically to what works for you. Work out in your home, the park, the back yard or your gym. We build according to your life.
YES! Our system is based on building healthy habits, consistent training and living life on your terms. That means hanging out with friends, hitting happy hours and holiday events. Life is for living, we're just going to make it feel MUCH better!
No, we do not typically give refunds. We are as committed to your success as you are. You give 110% and so will we. This mutual agreement and teamwork lends itself to success, month and after month. You put it in, and you WILL reap the rewards.


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